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Our services provide an unparalleled level of visibility for our Clients.


Amplus has invested heavily in technology, process innovation and automation so that we can provide our Clients with exceptional solutions in a cost-effective way.  We couple our technology innovations with our collective knowledge of payers and regulations to reduce outstanding receivables for healthcare organizations throughout the country. Our Team accelerates cash while resolving high volumes of accounts.

  • Industry expertise in Governmental, Commercial and Managed Care payers

  • Complex understanding that allows us to navigate the regulatory environment of the Accounts Receivable billing process

  • Automated claim status, predictive dialing to insurance companies, predictive payment timing, automated denial routing and comprehensive reporting



Maintaining cash collection levels during a system conversion is of the utmost importance to your organization. Amplus will resolve your Accounts Receivable from the legacy system, maintain cash collection levels, while your staff focuses on a successful system implementation.

  • Minimize disruptions to staff, allowing them to focus on the new system implementation

  • Our solution allows leadership to focus on a successful implementation of the new system.

  • Automated claims status, predictive dialing to insurance companies, predictive payment timing, automated denial routing and comprehensive reporting



At the heart of any successful healthcare organization is a successful customer service experience.  Today’s healthcare consumer is changing rapidly.  Amplus understands this and has invested heavily in automation and customer service training to provide our Clients' customers with the ultimate Patient experience.

  • Provide a proprietary Patient Experience Score that allows us and our Clients to monitor the quality of the Patient experience

  • Multiple, Patient-friendly payment methods

  • Friendly, multilingual staff

  • Account stratification workflow process enables us to work smart and maintain a great Patient experience.

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